New from Jamestown

Hi, I’m Kurt from Jamestown,
“brewmaster” on the forum.

I have a 2012 JK stock for now.

I went to the Clare Jeep “crush and ride” and then the quarterly
mtg the same weekend, it was fun to meet and see some rigs!

I will be at Fall Crawl, stop by for a beer…


welcome Kurt. you’ll have a good chance to meet some of the characters this coming weekend. hopefully they don’t scare you away :laughing:

Kurt! Welcome to the form.


Welcome. Enjoy this weekend, it should be a good one.

Welcome Kurt!

We are on track for a 10-10:30 departure tomorrow (Friday) morning. Can you be at my place in Exeter for 10? We will meet AJ up on RT 146 about 10:30.

Im at 174 Ten Rod Rd which is about 1 1/2 miles from the Home Depot on RT 4 in North Kingstown. I will call you around 8-ish in the morning.

Welcome, see you at fall crawl

Welcome - have fun this weekend!