new from cranston

hello everyone. im very new to the jeep world, just purchased a 91 wrangler yesterday. bone stock so looking forward to upgrading.
taking hard top off tomorrow, to put on the soft top. does anyone know were I can find a schematic on how to assemble? the guy gave me everything for it but all apart. he told me its an oem top with the half doors. any help would be great! I look forward to meeting all of you soon.

welcome to the forum.

I imagine our good friend GOOGLE can provide the desired instructions.

Welcome, I’m from Cranston also

Welcome come meet some of us every tuesday at Oakland beach car show a good group are their from 5 to 830

Welcome. Check the Events forum. We have lots going on including our annual 3rd of July party this Wednesday.

Welcome. Best bet would be to stop by the car show and people could help you get the soft top on. :slight_smile:

welcome from MA




welcome to the forum!

thank you all. got her cleaned up a little today. going to take the top off tomorrow due to the rain today i didnt have time. but if i have time tomorrow i will swing by the car show maybe someone can help me out. google didnt help much.

Cool we will be their and willing to lend a hand

Welcome to the forum!

Another Cranstonian.