New Clutch for TJ

Hey guys I need to get my clutch replaced. Spoke to Barrett and they’re booked up. Does anyone else have any recommendations? Not looking to replace with OEM so I am also looking for some advice for what to get.
I am mechanically inclined but this is something out of my wheelhouse to do alone so if someone has the know how and wants to teach me I’ll gladly be willing to throw some cash or beers your direction.
Thanks in advance!

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I’m a fan of Midland Transmission in Coventry and would not even consider doing a clutch job myself.

Bring it to Midland. Tell them what you are doing. Done.

Thank you sir.

I have had a bunch of work done there. Excellent guys

Midland is pretty busy, too. Good luck. A clutch job isn’t too bad on a 4.0. I’d suggest LUK. Also, don’t use a plastic throw out bearing. I think Crown/Mopar is all metal.

Need a little help to get the right clutch upgrade. I spoke to Paul at Midland and he said that he’s not going to figure out what I need but he’ll install what I give him.
To make this as simple as possible I want to give him everything that could possibly be needed to complete the clutch replacement/upgrade. Can you give me hand with this?

LUK 05-065 if your stock
LUK 05-901 if you wheel hard. (it’s their gold series)
National 614093 Throw out bearing.

LUK LFW193 if your flywheel needs to be replaced. Cheap money…

Not needed but depending on mileage and wear and tear (also easier to have replaced once in there):
Crown Automotive 52087542 Clutch Release Pivot
clutch fork spring…
Omix-Ada 16914.07 Clutch Fork