Need your opinion on lighting

2012 jk has terrible lighting, i dont have fogs, i just have my headlights.
i need more light.

First option is rigid dually windshield leds. 229$

Second is Truck lite led headlights. 500$

What are your opinions? Have you heard about these products? tried them? seen them? Maybe go with a totally diff light application?

i need your help, thank you i appreciate it.

You can get an after market HID kit on Ebay for decent money. I got a set for my Cherokee for $85. Mine came with the bulbs, ballists, and lenses. Much brighter than stock.

I have a HIDprojectors kit on my rig and wish I went with trucklites. Although according to most people that have the newer HIDprojectors they are better than the old ones. They cost about the same as trucklites.

Rebel off road sells a hid kit that a lot of people rave about being awesome in the factory housings for around 200.00(as far as I remember)

As for rigids…they are way too bright to be used on the street. But I love mine. The best set of lights I’ve bought. I have the the regular duallys not the d2’s.

I bought a set of eBay fogs that I use for daily driving with the hids and I think it’s a very good combo.

heres what the front of my rig looks like…

If I was to do it all over again I’d go the rebel off road HID kit with rigids like I have…but instead of the 2 on the hoop Id grab a LED bar instead.

Thank you very much for the replies!!! I’m still looking around. :slight_smile:

I am pretty sure that I’m going to buy the rebel off road hell fire HID kit for 200$doll-hairs. What do u think guys well worth it??? Or no

Thats the route Id go if I was doing it all over again.

I’m ordering them! Thanks

i have the rigid lights mounted on the trac rac of my truck. i use them as a utility light and for snow plowing in winter…i lov them and they are bright ass hell. although i am not sure how they will serve as a driving/fog light

I went with ordering a bi-xenon hid kit bro