need help installing lift kit and some other stuff

can any of you please help me install my lift, i want to have it installed before the jeep show on may 14th please let me know

I might be able to help out a little but I am in a busy spell at work until end of may and still need to find time to get my Jeep back in trail condition.

What kind of lift is it? Are you 100% sure that you have everything that is needed? Is it a daily driver that you need to keep moving or can you take it off the road for a week or so while installing the lift? Do you have a garage or someplace to work on it?

I can offer up an air compressor, impact gun, and coil spring compressor if you need them.

what do you drive and what are you planning on installing?

my jeep liberty and its also my daily driver. not sure where to work on it as i do not have a garage. i just cant justify paying a shop $$$ to do it when i could spend that $$ on tires

Which lift kit did you buy? Part #'s? If I can upload the instruction sheet and look it over, I may have time. It’s an IFS lift. How high are you going?

the frankenlift for gas models from all j products also have a cb to install and a set of wheel bearings to install. im a computer guy and would love someone to teach me and show me how to do the stuff

i’m not all that familiar with the Libies but i’ll look over the instructions too and when we get a place and time settled i’d be more than happy to swing by and help out.

lift showed up today. who wants to help lol

can you find a pdf version of the instructions and post a link so we can take a look and plan the best course of action to assist you.

Found these that should be of some help. … rticle.pdf.
Front looks like a major pita but the rear seems as easy as a tj

ok so lift is going in tommorow… is anyone good at installing CB radios? i got 1 for xmas and dont know how to install

where are you doing the lift install?

a shop in east providence did it.

cool, make sure to snap some pics. i dont think i’ve ever really seen a lifted Libby

cb help anyone?

i’ll be floating around this weekend but doing a front axle swap hopefully. its fairly straight forward. just dont strip this end fitting off the cable and you should be fine. if you want to swing by my place Sat or Sunday afternoon just let me know. do you have an antenna mounting bracket and a mounting point picked out?

I know nothing about cb’s. Installed my antennae last year but thats as far as I got.

And oh yea, PICTURES of the lift!!! :smiley:

im in NH this weekend but ill be back on monday and i need to put lift pics up on a site so i can get them on here