need help in cranston

hey guys. i have figured out my soft top, but i am haveing a problem takeing off one torx bolt that holds the roll bar onto the windshield. it is extremely stripped, and cannot get it off to put the soft top bracket behind it. i have very limited tools. any ideas? also i need a suggestion on takeing off the bolts that hold on the hood latches that hold down the hood. i need to take the old ones off to replace them but they are so rusted they are stuck on.

Did you try using PB Blaster or a product called Kroil (I think).
They do make something called ‘easy out’ that you put in a drill and it grips the worn out screw and removes it.

i’ve never used an easy out but that might be your only option. but you have to be careful not to break the easyout

If you bust the plastic part, I have a few spares

If you haven’t got it solved yet, I am in cranston on phenix ave if you want to stop by. Got tools, on blaster, and pretty sure my roommate has an easy out. PM me if you still need a hand. I don’t tend to get on the forum often lately and might miss your response lol. Or call/text. 814-594-2133