Need Good mechanic to do a hack n tap SYE on a 242

Hi I want to install a SYE and a front drive shaft on my 2000 xj. I have a np242 so I have to get a hack n tap or spend crazy money through tom woods. I was wondering if anyone knows a good mechanic to do the hac n tap for me I am affraid of making a bad cut on the shaft…Thanks in advanced…

Sorry I ment to say I want to run a front DS in the rear…Im sure you guys allready know what I mean. Just incase wanted to make myself more clear…If anyone has a 98+ np242 with SYE allready installed I am intrested in buying it…

I’d recommend scrapping the 242 and replacing it with a 231.


agreed 231 is much better

I found someone selling a 231 with a SYE allready in it… I might buy it… Do I need the linkage too? I know you got to do some wireing to get the dash lights to work on that swap…Im just nervous of gettin rid of my full time 4x4 the crap winters we get here is perfect with that T case!! Dry road then snow then dry then ice etc… 4x4 full time is awesome…

The linkage should be fine. You need the shift lever that comes with the 231 which is a slightly different length.

The 242 full time mode sucks balls in the snow anyway. As for the dash light, who cares? Pull the bulb and forget about it.

Made up my mind I am going to go with the 231. That TC is much stronger and I can find em everywhere just put my own SYE in it and rebuild it while im at it!! Thanks for your help Eric.

Its true that the 231 has a significantly higher torque capacity. An even bigger benefit is that it has about 2" more clearance compared to the 242.

Jeff up at Crown can set you up with an SYE. He treats us right.

P.S. Do not pay more than $150 for a 231 from a JY. I think North Smithfield has one right now for $100 but you have to pull it yourself.

or if your on facebook, make a shout out for one on the New England Offroad Trading Post. there are always people parting out rigs.

Cool you guys are really helpful so glad i found this board tbese are all the things I have been wondering for years!! Thanks again!!