Need big wrenches

I need 1 7/16" and 46 mm wrenches to tighten the jam nuts on my control arms. Normally I would just use a pipe wrench but for a couple of the nuts there is not enough room to get on them with a pipe wrench. Anybody have wrenches this size? Or other ideas? I checked Harbor Freight hoping to pick them up on the cheap but they don’t have anything that big.

sears? i can ask a buddy, he has a lot of tools

I checked but the only 1 7/16" they had was closed end. Plus it was like $30. They did not have anything in metric. I’m thinking I might be able to make something out of 1/4" bar stock and a grinder.

i texted him, we’ll see what happens. i’m not sure if he’s working or not.

you cant get and adjustable in there either huh.

i just heard back from him. he’s got one smaller and one bigger

I have one here at work. I will bring it home I will be home at 3:30 give me a call 316-5207.

I stopped at Tractor Supply on the way home from work and they had a 1 7/16" wrench for $12 so I grabbed it. Turns out the instructions are wrong because 1 7/16" is too small for the upper CA jam nuts.

The lower CA’s are supposed to be 46 mm but at that size I think all you need is close enough so 1 13/16" should work. I better measure first.

Realistically, I will not need the wrenchs until later this week or weekend.

Let me know what size you need i might have it at work. :wink:

Thanks! If necessary I will be in touch.

I have a large collection of large wrenches and sockets here at my house in Lincoln. If you want to stop by and check the size just give me a ring. I’m leaving Friday night for NH for the weekend. Be back Monday night.