Need Advice.. Jeep stalling

i have a 98 xj and recently when i go wheelin, after about 15 20 minutes it’ll stall and I’ll have to let it sit for about a half hour until it starts up again…, sounds like there an issue with the fuel pump when this happens, just wondering if this ever happens to anyone else before…

Never happened for me. Maybe check the fuel pressure. No CEL?

no check engine light on?

no check engine light… gonna have it looked at this week probably. i just didn’t know if it was some thing common with these jeeps

crank position sensors seem to going on everyones car lately, but have it plugged in, see if there are any codes.

will do…thanks

Maybe a bad fuel filter and or a regulator, see if you have pressure as soon as it dies out on you, on my 98 the filter and regulator are part of the fuel pump assy. so there for you must remove unit from tank if you have to drop tank try not to have much gas in it.

what are you circumstances when it stalls? are you idling or driving? Does it rev a few times then die? if you drive down the highway for twenty minutes, does it die on you then or just when wheeling?

fine on the highway, just while wheeling… i did the fuel pump assembly two days ago, went wheeling and it happened again

when you changed the fuel pump was there anything on the screen? and where do you go wheeling? woods or sand???