Need a lil help...

Ok dont flame me into the ground… I am very good with electronics, firearms ect, but I know nothing about mechanical stuff on cars ect… Was wondering if someone can help with a leaky rear dif, and teach me to change oil and tranny/dif fluids. I tried taking it to chrysler to fix, but said its not a factory seal so isnt under warrenty, and 2 other people who could have done it, both deny touching it… So needless to say I dont have 300+ dollars to fix the seal and do the fluid change at the dealers that they quoted me. Figure use the op how to learn to do this stuff on my own and save $$.

let me know if anyone has the tools/patience to teach me ect.

Is it leaking from the diff cover, or the pinion?
If its the cover i can help no prob, if its the pinion I have the TJ service manual which should cover just about any dana axle the would put in a wrangler & it will be a learning experiance for the both of us
It just requires that you come to me.

funny you should say that. We just had to take ours to the dealer to look at the rear diff seal and it wasn’t covered under the warranty. $150 bucks later and they fixed it… Must be a 07 thing.

if it’s just the seal around. just take all the bolts out except the top ones leave that one half in so the pan doesnt fall when you go to pry it off, put a catch pan underneath and pry off the cover. clean off all the old sealant with a straight edge razor. put a 1/8 bead of the black RTV sealant around the edge of the cover let it sit for 5-10 minutes and then put it in place and rebolt.

your best bet to learn is to do. get one of the service manuals for your truck at a local parts store. they make GREAT references.

How many miles are on your Jeep? Typically manual transmissions don’t require changing very often - I’ve heard 75k is a good number unless you abuse it (get deep water, lots of wheeling, etc…) Diffs and manual tranny’s take the same fluid - 90 weight gear oil. Unless they changed the JK’s your transfer case takes ATF… auto tranny’s will run 50k fine without changing, and since your transfer case is used about 1/4 of an auto tranny I wouldn’t worry about it. I just cracked open mine for the first time - probably never been changed at 150k and the fluid was fine.

So, don’t get too excited about having to change the fluids a few thousand miles won’t make a difference. But it you’re around 50k it’s probably a good idea - obviously a good idea if it’s leaking.

Its an auto tranny and is at about 31k. Manual says change dif fluids every 15k. I know tranny fluid is longer. Looks like its leaking from both the cover (top and bottom edge) and the plug where you add fluid. I would like to do it, but would like someone else who knows what they are doing present just incase of a “uh-oh” :slight_smile:

went to the dealer they wanted $209 for the dif service, and 100 for fixing the seal. I laughed and walked away.

gear oil- $50
rtv- $2.50
1 hour of time

=done=cake … e-write-up … change.htm

check these out