Neapco Gold U-joints

Thought I would share some pics/info on these U joint I just picked up. They are supposedly improved versions of the old “Brute Force” line by Neapco. They have nice metal/rubber seals, tapered caps, large needle bearings, and are service free. We will see how they hold up to some abuse this weekend. I installed 4 joints total: rear of rear shaft and all three in front shaft. I don’t think these are offered in a 1-0278 joint yet, so i used the 1-0153G for all 4.


Driveshaft ujoints I don’t find to be a huge deal but I go with Spicer axleshaft ujoints as the baseline.

I agree. I have had no complaints with the 760x spicers in my front shafts. If my local parts store stocked spicer, I would probably have used them for my driveshaft too. These weren’t too expensive either…about $15 each.