no locker or winch :frowning:

X2… :frowning:
Did you sign up for the easy run on the 30th?

yup, we’ll be there.

i gotta up my deadline 4 my lift. was gunna shoot 4 march but no i gotta get it done b4 this run. i missed it last year. anyone planning on going?

Never been a big fan of snow wheelin. If anybody else is going then I might be interested tagging along.

Anyone planning on going to this? I think I saw that you have to sign up by feb. 2. I wonder if a come along would be accepted as a winch?

naaah, that’s a long day for us. We would have to board the dog overnight.

i doubt i will get my lift done in time but i might go up as a volenteer. im not sure i can take a day off work though. i highly doubt a come a long will be acceptable as a winch

What are they looking for volunteers to do? We could do that to if the winch thing does not work out.