My New Mod

I installed a Rough Country Winch Plate and a EPI 9,000 Super Winch to my 98 TJ. :sunglasses:pic 4.jpgpic 5.jpgpic 7.jpg

nice winch!

on second note, those irock’s? and what size? they are sexy! :smiling_imp:

The Irocks are 36x13.5x15 on ten inch Dick Cepeck rims. I bought them from 4weel parts on line.

Nice, real nice! :slight_smile:

Nice setup.

Looks Good

Looks great Mike! Nice setup.

i actualy have those rims (just not the back and polished), altho not by choice. they do take a beating though! my rims have tons of rock rash

you can pull me out of the mud anytime :mrgreen:

With the DANA 35 I know i will be useing that winch it only a matter of time.I cant afford to swap it out for a DANA 44 now but that will be my next mod.

if i were you i would skip the dana 44. your close to the limits of a 44 with those 36"s…

What do you think i should go with.

it really depends on what you want to do.

i just know some people who break 44 axles with their 37"s (locked), then again i know a guy who ran 37"s on a 30/35 combo and hasn’t broke a axle yet(then again he didn’t have lockers).

there are more educated to ask than me.

How about this:

The perfect rear axle for 36’s if you happen to have about $4-5k to burn.

I think you can spend alot less and get plenty of mileage out of a D44, especially if you go with alloy axle shafts. It should be fine unless you do a significant amount of extreme wheeling. Plus its alot lighter than a D60. You can get these ready to bolt-in for $2-3k.

Another common swap is the 8.8" Ford found in Exploders. The 8.8" is a bit more beefy than the D44, a tad narrower (i.e. need spacers), and every bit as marginal as the D44 for extreme wheeling on 36’s. A major negative is alot of fab work (welding on new brackets) and you will probably need to swap gears, etc.

if you decide to go that route, im sure its cheaper to build a nice set of axle cheaper and 3 or 4 link it…

im thinking along the lines of full width 609’s for mine

Thanks for all the help guys.I found a on web called 4x4 group they have dana 44 to dana 60 with any gear combo you would like they also have a special on a Rubicon dana 44 locking rear axle assembly from Mopar preformance parts for 1,758.85.They also have alot of parts for jeeps.I bought my Rough country winch plate from them for $69.00.Check them out they also carry Pit Bull Tires.

seems a little high for a jeep 44… is it the JK 44?

also those pitbull rockers are awesome! :smiling_imp: my mech. has them (42") on his cj-8 buggy he’s building.

Yes that was the price for the JK.Did you check out the website.

checking out the site now… found them a lil’ cheaper from mopar

The last I checked the TJ D44’s from Mopar were more expensive than the JK D44’s. It seems counter intuitive but speculation on other forums was that they were overstocked on JK D44’s. Last year, the rear D44’s were going for about $1,400 with electronic locker, 4.10’s (the only gears available), and complete brakes. Lately the price has been rising and the brakes cost extra. Personally I would avoid the JK D44 because the tubes are not much different from a D35 and I’ve heard that the gears/carriers are not interchangeable with older D44 stuff.

Just to be clear, the Mopar axles do not compare to high-end units from Dynatrac. The Dynatrac units have much stronger housings and shafts, beefy covers, and bulletproof lockers (Detroit Locker or ARB).

I’m building up a D44 from an '87 Cherokee at this moment. Here’s what I have into it so far:

D44 from junkyard: $250
Detroit Locker: $450
Gears: $170
Master install kit: $110
Mounting brackets: $250
Wheel bearings: $80
Axle shafts: $400
Disc brake kit: $450
Brake lines/hoses: $60
Cover: $80
Sandblasting: $50
Paint: $25

Grand total: $2,375 and I still need to get the ring & pinion installed (probably a good $400 for somebody that really knows what they doing or two days of misery for me to do it myself). In retrospect I wish I had just bought a turn-key unit.