my 71 cj5 taken apart

Ok so I dont have meny pics but here are some on my cj thus far

the red the jeep will be I just painted the tailgate so I could see how it looks

the body is almose done now I have the floors replaced and the sides redone

225 oddfire

ebrake on t-case

she was a mess but now I have her all nice and shinny but I can not think of a name for her any idears? Im in the proccess of building the wire harness but Im not shure if I want to go with fuses or circuit brackers? I have replaced or went threw allmost everything

no pics… :question:

pics of what it is now?


none above

seriously they show up on my screen odd

shit there not showing up?

ya, you’ll have to host them on a site and post the [img] link


mucho betterer… :smiley:

looks good man!.. im not looking forward to taking my tj of the frame :open_mouth:

well when it comes time i can give you a hand if you need its quite easy

I don’t think you want to drive to Florida to do a frame-off lmao :laughing:

I figure sooner or later I will need to take my ZJ off its frame.

well what i have seen there is a nice jeep gathering there

IT’S NOT A UNI-BODY? :astonished:

There is no frame on a ZJ. :laughing:

thats what i thought :laughing:


You might want to consider washing it off once in a while if you didn’t notice the lack of a frame. :wink: