Mods on my mind, opinions???

2012 jk 2dr

Current mods:
-rock rails
-level kit
-stubby bumper

[size=150]Future mods:
-6000k HIDS
-Poison spyder BFH rear bumper
-License plate relocate with light
-17" spyderlocks beadlocks
-37" pitbull rockers
-Rugged Ridge dually d2 lights
-Remove muffler
-Remove fenders
-Possibly tint 2 front windows [/size]

What do you think? The good, the bad??? Anyone’s info or comments Id appreciate it, thank you!!!

Skids. Especially evap or an evap relocation. Ask me how I know

I’d move lockers to the top of the list.

I’m thinking spare in the back cargo, I removed the rear seat. Tint=cops your right. And do u recommend a certain aftermarket muffler?

How do u know lol jk I get what your saying bro

I would skid up first, put a locker in the front or rear. Once you have that you will be able to go on about 80% of the trails that we have planned for the year.

Skids,skids,skids…and if you don’t do skids first you will need the cargo area for the carnage of broken parts so you will want your spare mounted on the back for sure.

Good stuff!

Definitely skids…
They are your friend. Everything else is just an accessory. :wink:

over post but please please please evap skid or relocate to the top of the list… then lock her up

lockers, skids and a winch then all the other stuff you dont really need.

As for all the lights why drop the coin on something that will get smashed we dont live in a area where you need that much light.