Massachusetts inspection or Maine registration

Hey guys,
I’d like to get my Heep back on the road. Having it sitting in my driveway is killing me. Can anyone help me out with a Mass inspection sicker?
Or I’m also looking into registering the Jeep in Maine my girlfriend has a place up there. I just need some info before I ask her.

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By looking at your build, if that’s the one that you are looking to put back on the road (on your signature) it doesn’t look like you’d have any trouble. Just bring it to the local townie gas station. If you’re not a regular there now, become one. Throw in a coffee now/then, having friends comes in handy sometimes :wink:

Had the same scenario… Local garage does most of my hard work on the daily drivers… So brought the RV to Tasca Truck center for an inspection… and let’s just say… I still will never buy a car there. Brought it to my daily driver mechanic… asked them if they could inspect a >15k lb vehicle… They said sure and passed it. Granted… It’s only got 25k miles on it.

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You should have brought it to Arlington RV. I hear they have great customer service.

That is where I bought it and I spend many a Saturday there. Great place but they are a dealer and could not ft me in. In addition, they also tend to find opportunities to make money in the inspections. They are however less opportunistic than Tasca was being so your opinion is spot on.

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