So I cant seem to find Spicer 4.88 gears for a HP d30. At least not from Jeff at Crown. Any other good manufactures out there.

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I think Yukon is the better of the two options… I have used East coast gear and they had quick shipping and good overall service.

Spicer is definitely the best. Google “spicer ring pinion set”. Yukon is also decent although there have been some issues surfacing recently with Yukon’s exploding because of poor case hardening.

Well I had to call Spicer direct but Jegs has 'em. Gotta ask one last time: 92 wrangler 4.0 not a daily driver most trips on the highway less that 1.5 hours mostly drive around town 4.56/4.88. I’m leaning to 4.88. based on the charts its only 300-350 more rpm at 70 in 5th.

There is no such thing as gearing too low (high numerically)

Been running 4.88’s in mine since the spring and it’s my DD.

I geared to 488’s. Using G2 gears bought from They had best pricing I found on Internet

Motive gears are a good product, I ran them in my stock axles and my current axles.

Also if your an automatic your going to want the 4.88 gears. If your a stick you can get away with the 4.56 (assuming 35"tires) , but 4.88 won’t hurt mileage enough to offset benefits of lower crawl.

I’m on new 33 Mickey Thompson baja claws right now but I can’t see why I would not go bigger later. I’ve been gathering all my parts. Ill be locked in the front, 8.8 in the rear, 4.88, sye and new rubber by the toy run if all goes well. Gotta hit those requirements !! I guess I should look at a cage next !!!