maiden voyage

:smiley: well after my early departure from the meeting this afternoon, i mustered up the energy to finish plumbing the brake lines with the help of rich. after some heavy cussing we gotherdone. and to be quite honest, i expected a bit more of responsiveness after gearing to 488. although i did not do a lot of driving, but enough to get a good feel for what was done. i do suppose it is the lack of any stones in the coin purse if you catch my drift… i’m sure i’ll feel a substantial diff on the trail when in 4L. and i hear quite a bit of chattering from the trany/tcase area. not sure what that could be but…when doing the sye i had one extra c clip, i just hope it didnt have a home and was an extra!

still to be done:
properly secure front brake lines
e brake cables??? derick?
4" springs w/more 5/8" shackles (this week)
regear front
buy/install solid/long side front axle shaft


you might want to pull it and recheck

e brake cables??? derick?

If that 8.8 is 98 or newer with disc brakes, to do it right you need to use the Explorer cables, cut 5" of wire off each, then have new tips pressed on. Cost me $10.00 at a splicing and rigging shop.

i think i still have the explorer cables, i’ll have to check. so you cut 5" off the pedal side of the wire i assume…right?

the chattering i hear isnt loud, but it certainly wasnt there prior to the work being done. i’d hate to have to drop the tcase AGAIN

I thought the extra snap ring was because one of the original snap rings was re-used. The kits generally do not come with extras.

Definately recheck the transfer case. I had no spare rings when i did my SYE kit.

Oh boy. I have no recollection of what rings were reused if any. Is hate to take it out and find that everything was assembled correctly…on the other hand it would suck if it wasnt. It’s all your fault Eric.

Not my fault. I was standing around. It was you gung-ho boyz with your electric toyz.

Search for the NP 231 Factory Service Manual. I think it can be downloaded from Pirate. You did save the snap ring, right?

they shoulda gave you enuff snap rings that you didn’t need to reuse any. did you reuse the old ones? what kinda noise is it? and is it when your in 2 wheel drive?

It is possible I did reuse an old ring…really don’t remember. As far as the noise, it is in 2wd, the only way I can describe it as is a light chattering. I’ll have to drive it again to listen a bit closer.

No, I cut the ends that connect to the brakes.

what kinda sye kit did you put in? I had and still have a slight (very slight) chatter when i 2wd. mines a ruged ridge sye kit for a NP231. do you remember if there was any chatter before you installed it?

i do have the snap ring still, somewhere. that’s the prob. you were just standing around teapotting. :stuck_out_tongue:

it is a rugged ridge…and i def. dont remember any chatter before the install. i still have the install directions, i’lll have to look through to see if i cant figure it out. worse case, i’ll buy some beer, then just drop it again and make a day of it.

Yeah best bet sounds like pulling it out and making sure

kinda what i feared

S*cks, but just think ,how much of a transfer case expert you will be. I had mine in & out 4 times in a week trying to stop a leak. I can pull it out in my sleep now.

I agree. mine came out twice when i did mine, now it’s a piece of cake

it is pretty easy. its just that one bolt on passenger side top that is a PIA to get at

agreed. i needed about 3’ of extension bars, universal joint and some force to get mine off. i’ve got scars on my hands to show how much fun it was the first time!!!