MA Inspection Shop

I recently moved about 1,000 FT over the boarder into Attleboro MA. After really enjoying my trips to the RMV I’m now lucky enough to try my hand at passing a MA inspection. I was just wondering if anyone knows a shop in the area that wont hassle me too much?

I know they machines have cameras now but my Jeep was built right to RI DOT regs and is not too far out of MA regs. Might have to swap my 35’s for stock tires but i’m hoping that would be all.

Also thought I’d throw this up for anyone wondering what the official rules are when it comes to lift kits in MA.

The document which cover this is: 540 CMR 6.00: Alteration of Motor Vehicle Heights (for 4x4’s)

Basically: Allowed Lift = (wheel base X track width) / 2,200 [all units in inches]

Then I take the following to mean you can add an inch to the above calculation:

Section 6.06: “Due to slight variances in production tolerances, violations must be in excess of one inch beyond the Registrar’s specifications of approved maximum altered heights”

Note: Anything not available as an OEM option counts toward lift: suspension, tires, body lift. Use the altered dimensions for the calculation, such as track width if you changed the back spacing (offset) with new wheels.,below%20the%20original%20manufacturer’s%20height.

Maybe try 123 Service on County st Attleboro. They were pretty good looking the other way when my Daughter brought her car for inspection with the fender being held on with flex tape :sunglasses:

For the second year in a row the following garage seems to be a hassle free place for an inspection. They do both RI and MA:

Emerald Automobile Sales Services
563 S Washington St, North Attleborough, MA 02760

I confirmed this by first getting told by another garage that my tires stick out too far past the fenders to pass a MA inspection.