Looking for a few YJ parts (door skins, tops, drain plugs)

My upper door skins (slider style, round hard top edge) are pretty bad. well one is pretty bad and the other is on it’s way out… The frames and slider windows are good I basically just need the material that goes over it… But will buy the frames and sliders if you’re not willing to seperate… I Looked on ebay but figured someone may have some used ones for a better price. Would also possibly be interested in some full hard doors depending on the price.

Also looking for a bikink topwith the windsheild channel.

Last but not least, does anyone have any extra floor drain hole plugs laying around? all of mine are missing and I’d really like to get some. Or does anyone have any ideas on what to plug them with? I stuck some shop rags in them for now but obviously not ideal!


Go down to lowes in the hardware section they have some big cabinets they keep the stainless bolts in, they have some plastic plugs, just need to measure the hole size.

quadratec should have the plugs…i bought some from them a few years back