Looking for a 2.5 liftkit

i am looking for a small liftkit for my 1988 yj. My leaf springs are wasted,done,shot, so i figured my best opiontion is a lift kit because i am going to need u bolts and all the hardware really dont have a warm and fuzzy feeling about trying to use the old hardware. Thanks

you should not re use u-bolts anyway.

Ditto! Got a place near me that makes them strong and cheap. Let me know if your interested.

most lift kits come with new u-bolts. i would recommend buying a lift kit new. people beat on their junk. at least with new stuff u know whats been done to it

why 2 1/2"? you can go 4" cheap
4wdtruck.com/jeepparts/index.php … s_id=19570

offer this guy $300? worcester.craigslist.org/pts/2189684563.html

^ What he said. And I’ll volunteer Paul (90yj) to help you install it.


all those pavement pounders cruisin the malls

i know the guy. like Axle said, offer him $300, tell him your a friend of Derick he’ll give you a deal. i’ll talk to him if you want.

Hey, its hard on the heep to park on the curbs :unamused:

wow, thats awful generous of you.


Laughing even louder over here! :laughing: