locked tj D44 & locked tj super D30 $1600 obo

I’m am currently collecting parts for D60 swaps.

Here’s what I have…

super d30 with 4.88:1 gears, aussie locker, Alloy USA chromoly shafts and u-turn steering http://www.offroadonly.com/products/new/u-turn/, 1/4 thick lower control arm mounts

dana 44 rear (drums) with 4.88:1 gears, lock-right locker

Extras included:
Dana 44 master rebuild kit
Dana 44 3.73 carrier
Dana 44 spider gears
Dana 44 3.73 gears
Dana 30 3.73 gears
Dana 30 spider gears

After the discussion below, I feel that a good price is $1600 obo

$1,200 for the pair?

I’m not making an offer BTW. Seems like a very reasonable number compared to what it would cost if somebody already had these axles in their rig and wanted to do gears, lockers, and alloys.

Yes I relize that this is all theoretical, unless someone outright tells me they have the money, hell my heep is always for sale for the right price / trade :laughing:

just totaled up my receipts , apprently they have $1500 in upgrades (parts) :unamused: . seems like $800 - 1000 would be an fair deprecation for the parts, but what are stock axles going for?


excellent decision! i have more that that in my swap. bolt on is worth it.

I might have not of ben clear… I was thinking $800-$1000 + stock axle prices lol

plus again this is all theoretical

looks like the stock axles are pretty cheap, so probably $900 for both plus i’ll throw in
3.73:1 gears
3.73 dana 44 carrier
spider gears
dana 44 master rebuild kit

bringing the total package to $1900 obo

of course I need to buy my replacements before any of this is truly serious :laughing:

Well it looks like I’m going to be picking up a set of Dana 60s… so make an offer

Time to see what I can scrounge up.

Bolting in your axle might be less work then putting in my new control arm mounts! :smiley:

long arms?

Me and mike can long arm my rear and make it linked at the same time. For under 300 bucks. With 2 inch. 120 wall dom upper and lower. Both. Side double brackets and the truss for over the axel

Nope, just bent the shit out of the stock ones. Long arms next year hopefully though.

Nice I should do the same when I swap in the D60

THe d30 already has btf 1/4" lower ca brackets :wink:

Yes u should. It looks beefy and bad ass u should look at the stuff mike finding for u. Instead of buy pre fab stuff could save a lot of money

NICE! i’m looking to go long arms in the rear next year. if you can wait that long maybe we can grab the steel in a bundle for a better price.

Most of the stuff would come from Ballistic Fab.

There brackets and such are pretty strong.

For the rear on Jamie’s Im looking to tri-link the rear uppers and str8 link the lowers.

The uppers will be 1.75" x .120 dom and the lower links will be 2" x .250

It works out chep being he already has all the johny joints from his short arm lift.

The dom gets pricey when you get into anything bigger then 1" x .250. Average long arm setup takes 21-24 feet of dom at a price around $14 a foot give or take a little.

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