Lift Suggestions needed

Hi guys and girls…

I was talking with my dog groomer last night and my groomers boyfriend just bought a 2012 wrangler that they want to do a mild lift on. At this time I don’t know if it is a 2 or 4 door but will find out. They are looking for suggestions on a good lift kit and also some good but not overly loud tires to go with the lift. Also they are looking for a good place to get the lift installed. I told my groomer that I would see if anyone in the club would be interested in installing it since they would pay to have it installed…

A little background…
They are not mechanically inclined and very busy so they are looking to drop it off somewhere and the pick it up when completed…
At this point they are not looking to join a club or go off roading (mall crawler) - yes, I am working on this…
The lift has to be good for on road driving and must be safe to drive on the highway
The tires should look good but not be to loud and good in rain, snow and especially good for highway driving

When you make a suggestion, please indicate if your suggestion is based on personal use, use by someone you know or suggested through research. Also, if you are interested in doing the install of the lift, include a price so I can let them know.


Glenn tell them to look into a 2.5" lift. Basically coils and shocks. They will be able to fit 35s no prob and it’s super easy to do. For a brand everyone is different. You can go with rough country, Rubicon express, teraflex. A 2.5" is what I had on in my JK. If they want help installing I be more than happy to help. Lol for one free visit with my mutts :slight_smile:

If this is primarily for looks and on-road driving, I think a spacer lift is probably the way to go. It’s the least amount of effort, maintenance, etc. How high does he want to go? I know Teraflex makes a simple leveling kit. Check out Quadratec’s parts advisor.

32" - 33" tires can be nice on the highway. Saharas are shipping with 255/70R18 Bridgestone Dueller A/T RH-S right now and they’re pretty nice on the highway. I have a set of 285/70R17 Goodyear Duratracs on my Jeep. They ride great on the highway with their wider stance, but remember to get wheels with the appropriate backspacing. Wheel spacers are illegal in Massachusetts.

Full disclosure: I am currently selling a set of 5 wheels / tires w/ TPMS taken off of my 2014 JK Sahara and a brand new in box AEV 2" suspension system. That lift is likely more than he needs. The tires are nice, but not super aggressive.

AEV would be the perfect kit. The engineers at AEV are former Jeep suspension designers and know that they are doing.

It is a nice kit. I just wound up going a more aggressive way - Rock Krawler 1.5" Expedition lift. It was just too late to return the AEV kit, so I have to try to sell it and recoup some of my loss.

What are you looking for the AE kit? I have let him know about the option of a coil / shock lift in either 2.5 or 3.5 lift and now the 2" AE lift… Will let you know what they are looking for.

They originally said 4" lift but I am not sure they know what that exactly means (cost and parts) or if it was just a number out of the air.

I should of mentioned it was a Sahara and they are looking to go up in tire size…

If they go 4" they will need to replace driveshafts too. And/or modify exhaust crossover.

If this is to be a daily driver, you don’t want to go above 33" tires and a 2.5" lift, otherwise mileage and handling suffer too much.

The AEV kit runs $269 retail. Mine is brand new, so I’d like to get $219 for it if I can. I’m on the North Shore in Massachusetts, but can meet halfway for an exchange. I can also ship on his dime. The wheels and tires can only be picked up as they won’t all fit in my JK.

Just had another thought - maybe have him check out some more aggressive looking tires. That may be all he really wants.

I did a 2.5 lift and 35" mtrs. Drove even better on the road. Yeah mpg went down but I bought a jeep not a prius.

Fair enough. To each their own. :slight_smile: What lift did you choose?

Thanks everyone… I passed all the information on to them and just waiting to hear back…