lift components- this or that

So, I’m gonna be ordering the rest of the parts and pieces for my build this weekend. I’m a little limited on moola (who isn’t right) so I’m trying to get the more important parts. I bought a 2” suspension lift and am thinking of putting ¾” spacers in there to at least in the rear. I’m going to do a SYE and new driveshaft.

so do you guys think It would be better to get upper rear adjustable control arms to make sure pinion angle is right? Are front and rear adjustable track bars necessary? I’m trying to figure out if I can sacrifice one of those to be able to get rock sliders. I guess I can and probably should get everything but if I can get away without one of those for a month, it would make this purchase happen sooner. and i’ll just get the part i’m leaving out next month.

I’m not too familiar with TJs and the four link suspension front and rear, so I wouldn’t know what you would be able to skimp on. But I would recommend getting the rock sliders, by far the best investment that I ever did with my XJ.

ya, i’m spending a bunch of my money on protecting the underside of the jeep and the last thing i want to do is come down on the tub over a rock. but on the other side the rest of the parts are for better trail performance, i’m trying to find the right balance for my budget. first and foremost is driveablity, if i can’t get to work i can’t pay for new parts

At 2" or so I think you could do without adjustable track bars indefinitely. At 3 1/2" the stock track bars were fine for me (the Grand Cherokee front suspension is nearly identical to the TJ Wranger front suspension). I went with an adjustable front track bar mainly because I thought I was going to get more flex from the heim joint. What a mistake. The single shear heim joint has proven totally unreliable and now I had to get a new track bar and mounting bracket with a double shear mount at the frame side.

I agree, track bars can wait. At 3 1/2" (mine) they say to re-drill the mount hole 3/4" over, never mind changing to adjustable ones. Definitely armor up since your only around a couple inches in lift though. Better to be protected…

i have to agree with the rest, the adjustable track bar isnt necacary, if you want I can probly fab up the sliders for the cost of materials
I made mine, they didnt come out to bad , but i also didnt care if they where super prety

thanks guys. i’m gonna go with the ARB sliders i also like the shrockworks ones to but i get 10% off the ARB’s so that settles that.

always tough spending a bunch of money in one shot, kind of nervous but excited i can’t wait till it’s all together

what did you use for tubing? the tube looks like its already dented :open_mouth:

I used 2 insh steel pipe from lowes, but my Harbour Fraight Hydrolic tube bender put the dents in there, i think the next time i bend tube if i fill it with sand i should be dent free

dom and not welded steel tube i hope… and i know now not to get a tube bender from harbor frieght

I didnt much care weather it was dom or welded, its realy just there for asthetics & for my kids to use it to climb into the jeep, Had i not listened to my wife & got the bender i wanted, i dont think there would have been a problem

the kind i wanted (but the harbor freight version)
What i let my wife talk me into

cool good to know, ill stay away from the kind of bender…