Last minute tech day

So Eric and I, mostly Eric, :smiley: had a super successful last minute tech day today.
Met him at his house and we finally took care of my front springs so I can disconnect now.
What we/he did was cut the front coil spring guides off his old rig and weld them onto my upper spring seats, we also bent up a retainer that will hold the spring onto the coil bucket. Now when I disconnect my front sway bar and the axle droops all the way down, my springs won’t fall off. :sunglasses:
All that’s left now is to measure for and order some rear limit straps, and get my skid plate cut.
Sawmill here I come :smiling_imp:
Thanks again Eric, you are the man :sunglasses:

Further proof I will do anything for beer. And oh yea . . .


I replaced the engine and trans mount on my XJ. They were completely shot.

one step at a time

i put my hardtop on yesterday :cry:

Stopped me dead in my tracks with the picture thing :smiley:

Finally figured out photobucket mobile.