KM2 Input

Anybody know anyone running the BFG KM2’s? The pricing is really good right now (190 for 35’s). Just curious… if my Heep can out flex the 33’s I’m going to 35’s rather quickly. … 204C40.cfm

I have no personal experience with them, but from what I read over on the jeepforum is there pretty good. There a good all around tire for mud and crawling. I was looking at those when I go to 33’s also.

I ran the older MT version on the 97, I liked em… I can only assume the current version would be better. My MT’s cleaned themselves pretty good from mud and snow, weren’t siped so they were a little slick in the rain and pretty much usless on hard packed snow/ice.

I’m planning to go with KM2’s once I get my new lift installed. Leaning towards 305/70/R16 (33x12) but considering 315/75/R16 (35x12.5).

I figure BFG would be crazy to phase out as successful a product as the KM unless the replacement was better.

305/75r/16, expensive size. That’s what my claws are, every tire in that range is 30-40 bux more. :angry:

I wasn’t leaning that way… but the more I think about it, do I really want to be hauling to NH on Bias Ply tires all the time?

the weak point on the old KM’s was their sidewall. Plus for $190 for a 35" it’s almost too hard to pass up. Did the Town Fair matching thing and it’d be around $850 mounted. That’s not too bad.

Yes, it is. And so aren’t the 265/70/R16’s I’m running now. I don’t really understand why. If you think about it, 16’s use less rubber than a 15 with the same outside dimensions. I guess it must be good ole supply & demand at work . . .

once i get my lift in im planning on running the km2. i have the old style aon my bronco and i love them. i can only hope there as good or better. i would imagine they would be. i have yet to hear anything bad about them.

I have the old style M/T’s on my ZJ now and I love them. I’ve only read good reviews on the new KM2’s. Without being siped, they make for a fun and pleasant ride on hard packed snow and ice. :laughing: But there still a good mud tire and clean themselves up after the run also. I will be getting either the 33x12x15 or the 33x10.5x15 for my ZJ.

If you want 35’s, it will be cheaper to get them for 15" rims. 35’s for 16" wheels are more money because it’s considered an odd size.

Don’t forget the 16’s are an 8 ply sidewall versus the 4-6 ply’s of the 15’s. This makes them more expensive. Your going to need to run them with less air then with the 15’s.

On a different note. I have a friend running the KM 2’s. The tread width is among the narrowest I’ve ever seen. Great for mud… not great for rocks. Just realize that your 12.50’s will have more like what your used to seeing in a 10.50-11.50 tire for tread width. He is running the 285/75 16’s and regreting not buying the 305’s.