Just picked up rock rails

Just picked up a set of src rock rails from a guy in JT4x4 traded my ragged soft top for them :laughing: Now I just need to install them, Just wondering if anyone has experience with it? I’m a bit nervous about drilling into my frame. Thanks in advance

Would you be less nervous welding them to the frame?

It shouldn’t be a big deal. Are you using self-tapping screws or will you through-bolt them? Self-tappers should be plenty; you just need to get the correct size drill. And oh yea, measure twice, drill once.

thru bolt should be better i would assume. self tappers i think would have a tendency to come loose

maybe try to find manufacturers install instructions and see what is suggested

My ARB sliders went on with thick ass rivets through the bottom and bolts though the tub. Hold beautifully and they have a nice flush mount

Bolt and/or weld

What’s the alternative? Glue? Duct tape? :mrgreen:

self tapers and bubble gum :laughing: