just joined from EG.

we drive an oldie, 1995 Wrangler that survived one jeep jamboree in Killington. Made the peaks and lived to tell about it (the Jeep I mean!). Looking forward to driving up to Monson Saturday morning and didn’t know if there were a convoy of 4 wheelers heading up in the am. Please advise and look forward to seeing the newer models in action! Mike.

Welcome Mike, there is another Mike looking to convoy also. I am sure there are more the are looking too. Where in EG, i work on Camp Forgarty, not sure if I have seen your Jeep around

Welcome to the forum.

Welcome Mike!

See you Saturday!!

Welcome Mike

Welcome from another EG member!

I was thinking we could use another Mike. :wink:

viewtopic.php?f=9&t=2975 is the topic about a convoy up there. We usually meet in North Smithfield Walmart - but you would end up there early (as meet time for volunteers is 8 - and that’s the goal of that post). We will always accept volunteers. :slight_smile:

I miss my old 95 YJ :smiley: I’m guessing it ended up somewhere in the bottom of the Delaware River once it was stolen. There’s a pile of crap with jeep like tires in it, so I like to wave at her when I drive by there in Philly.

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Welcome! Looking forward to meeting you on Saturday!

welcome bro!!!