Just called Jeff at Metro... :(

My ESP BAS, ESP, and ABS Lights have been staying on for the last couple days. tonight on my way home from work, my breaks started acting like the ABS was on (you know, that grinding, bumping sound). Not good for someone who drives as fast, em, as swiftly and cautiously as I do. I looked on the jeepforum and it sounds like it is a wheel sensor or something like that. Lovely… :frowning: Well, it’s got 63000 miles on it now. I hope its not the first of many trips to the “doctor’s”.

Have you been mudding recently? You may have some build up around there.

God damn electrical crap. Good luck with that. I hear that those wheel sensors are $$$. Hopefully its just mud like Joe says. When I had ABS on my Jeep I would occasionaly get an ABS light that would clear after a good washing of the tone rings.

Mud ( as mentioned) or any debris can cause the abs to kick in. I had a chunk accidentally knocked off mine tone ring which caused the abs to active all the time. This ended when i replaced the tone ring.

I hope that’s all it is. they are looking at it today. I have a feeling it’s gonna b more more than mud though… :unamused:

I believe you may just have a bad wheel sensor or ring or both, they are known to go bad under normal conditions, mud or ice build up could of caused it to go bad or even break right off, good luck with it hope its an easy fix :slight_smile:

Jk wheel speed sensors are only $12 each. I carry 3 spares. If I hear of a price increase I will stock up.

Wow! ABS sensor for my ZJ cost me over $200 5-6 years ago.

i dont have abs :smiley:

did u get it fixed yet?

I got ya all beat, I don’t even have a computer in mine(old school). hope ya made out ok stacey.

its partly fixed… $520 fixed anyway… OUCH! Still more that needs done, but that’s all my pocket book can handle right now.

$520, wow. what did they need to do?

yeah!!! really? what do they still have left to do?

$520 worth of this: Front Left hub bearing and sensor assembly, transmission lines replaced and refilled.

Not fixed: Front brake pads only have 20% left so I need new pads and have to resurface rotors soon. Rear diff is leaking from the seal due to being jarred from contact. :smiling_imp: and there is still this awful rattling coming from the front that they didn’t even mention.

the parts were less than $200… The rest was labor. Sickening. and that was with the OSJ discount.

Stacey, wear those breaks till you hear metal. When the snow melts I’ll tear the brakes and rotors off one of my d-30’s for you.

thanks Steve. I’ll call you.