JK Rubi D44 Rear Drivers Axle Shaft

So my shafts won’t be in until at least next Monday or Tuesday, and I’d really like to have the Jeep up and running sooner than later, especially before the holiday weekend. Does anyone happen to have a spare axle shaft, or know where I could pick one up locally (new or used) to get my rig rolling again?

I think it will be tough to source used JK Rubicon shafts. Did you call Mitchell Differential? I would not be surprised if they have new on the shelf.

Yeah, called them and no dice. They could have something here within 3-4 days. Unless I stumble upon something, looks like I’ll have to hope to be able to get them installed Monday/Tuesday next week if the weather cooperates. Hopefully I can find some willing volunteers to help me since I have no clue what I’m doing lol.

So next question, what all do I need to have ready for this? I’m told the Ten Factory axle shafts are pre-assembled and come with everything I need to slide them in (seals, replacement nuts, tone rings and bearings pressed on). I’m also going to get new pads and rotors while I’m at it.

  1. Axle shafts
  2. Pads/Rotors
  3. Diff Fluid
  4. RTV (what kind/color?)

I’m sure I need more supplies, just not exactly sure what and I want to be prepared to do this once, the right way.

I assume that its a flanged axle. You should not even need to open the diff.

Remove wheels
Remove calipers and rotors
Disconnect abs
Unbolt retainer
Slide out old axle
Slide in new axle
Install rotors and calipers
Install wheel.
Top off diff fluid

Now would be a good time to drain and refill the diff though.

Can we have a diff day? We have never added/changed our diff fluid… and there seems to be a lot on the driveway… and we have NO CLUE how to do any of it, or even what to get…

Mike, try reaching out to Steve (Texsdream77). He is the JK expert in these parts… he wont be around for the next 2 weeks but he can certainly point you in the right direction.

I know you said mike you wanna get it done before the holiday weekend but the weekend right after I am having my Tech day, tearing apart my front axle. We can have an axle party that day lol.

Sounds like Mike is getting ahead of himself. The holiday weekend is two weekends away. This coming weekend is just a normal weekend.

Nope, not ahead of myself. This weekend I have no parts. Monday starts July, and the 4th is on Thursday. My shafts should be delivered Monday and I’d like to be able to use the jeep Wednesday through the weekend for various events. I’m sick of the damn Honda!

And Eric, I’m due for a diff fluid change anyway, and want to get rid of my lube locker seals and switch back to rtv I think. Plus inspect the gears as I’ve probably had a bent flange for a while and want to ensure I didn’t so any damage to the gears or tube.

as far as color, I believe I went with blue rtv? Memory is a little rough on that one, I’m actually coming up on my yearly diff fluid change myself lol.

we can all meet up and stink up someones house with all our diffs open! :mrgreen:

The last differential cover I did I used blue RTV, seems to hold up well.

Why are you moving away from the Lube Locker seal? Just curious…

I would be happy to come help with this.

As far as supplies, you will need a catch/drain pan, and a lot of paper towels!
I also usually scrape and alcohol any of the gasket surfaces.
I have a gasket scraper and sharp chisels for this.

brake cleaner. i might be able to swing by this weekend and help you take it all apart. that way you can put it back together when the shafts come in. i watch the little one mon and tues after work.

i can swing by after work and help you guys out. it will only take 30 mins. just search the web and get the fluid. i can do it wend, thrus or friday after 6pm

Derick, that’s a great idea and I’d really appreciate the help. Are you available tomorrow (Sunday) to help me get it torn apart and inspected? Then I can just put everything in when the parts get here. Still no tracking, left WA a few days ago on a truck and no updates since. Kurt, if your around and want to come by and help with the tear down tomorrow, give me a call. Also will need help one night early in the week to get it back together. Of course, anyone else that wants to help or just watch and learn, is welcome!

As for why I may move away from the Lube Locker, there was initially a bit of a leak on the bottom of the housing when I installed it. It seemed to fix itself, but I’m not sure I want to re-use the current seal and they are like $20-25 a pop, RTV seems like it provides a better seal and is cheaper…just not as clean and easy. Still debating this, will have to see what the condition of it is when I take it off tomorrow.

And Stacey, differential service is pretty quick and easy for the most part, as long as you have the right tools (gasket scraper, bottle pump, paper towels, brake cleaner, oil catch pan). I’m also happy to help anytime, I just don’t want to wait a week or so to get the axles in because I miss driving my JEEP!

i just have to see how the day pans out now. i told the girls i would spend the day with them. earlier in the AM would probably be best.

Thanks for your help yesterday Derick. Got the shafts out and everything pretty well cleaned up.

Just got a UPS email that says the train my package was on got derailed, so who knows how long I’ll be on Jack stands!


Next thing you know they will revive the pony express.