Jk clockspring replacement

Anyone familiar with how to get the airbag clips off? Me and my Toyota mechanic friend tried for about an hour yesterday but he was afraid he was going to break the airbag itself trying to get it removed. Watched videos and everything, still no luck.

I’d like to get it replaced before the trip to pa pulling a trailer. Always comforting to have airbags on a 500 mile trip lol

Hit me up if you’ve done it before and can help me. Leaving Wednesday or Thursday, so time is ticking!

Can you please describe which step you are stuck on? I know those clock springs and if you are careful they are easy.

Basically the first step of pulling the airbag off. There are three clips that you apparently need some 90 degree angle tool to pry out or release. My buddy even tried making his own out of a wire handle but just couldn’t figure out how to release them. Unfortunately he was doing most of the work so I don’t have a lot of detail, nor is it an area you can really see into (behind the steering wheel, but in front of the dash). We were trying to use a phone camera and flashlight to look into the space to see what we were doing.

Is this on your JK Rubi or another vehicle. I do know that there is a slot at the tabs on jeeps for a screw driver blade to press the clock spring locking tabs back to release the clock spring. I can look at it on Tuesday depending the area you are in. Keep in mind I don’t like touching the bags at all I had 2 dislocated thumbs from a Grand Marquis’ air bag going off.

just a fyi YOU have to touch the air bag to remove it…also if you pull the fuses to the air bag you have a much better chanch of it not going off

Yes Yes I am aware of that problem I just don’t like touching them.

Yes, it is on the JK Rubi. And I have the same fear as you with airbags, either damaging the airbag or damaging myself lol

I’m in Cranston so if your around the area Tuesday and want to come check it out with me, just give me a call or text 814-594-2133.