JK Ball Joint Install Help Needed

Bought new ball joints (Poly Performance Synergy) for the JK over a month ago (all four are pretty shot). Thought I had a friend with a garage and tools lined up for the past few weeks, but that all fell through.

Anyone have a garage and necessary specialty tools (ball joint press, anything else?) and would be willing to help out on this one? I’ve never done the ball joint install, so I’m looking to learn from those with experience.

Checked out some local mechanics and dealers, they’re asking for 6 hours of labor which seems ridiculous. Talking with Eric during the cleanup this weekend, he told me you guys normally call this a trail repair and that it shouldn’t be too big of a job.

Any takers? Maybe a tech day if anyone else needs to get some repairs done before the upcoming events? I am looking to get this done ASAP. The front end is starting to wander quite a bit now, and this is my DD :laughing:

I can do nights this week if need be (get out of work by 5:30, earlier with notice) or this weekend.


You can go to Advance Auto Parts store and rent a ball joint press. you just give them $200 keep the tool as long as you need it. and then when you return it you get your $200 back. That’s what I did this summer when I replaced them on my rig. I would say judging by how rusted everything is it should be at max a 4 hour job. I’ll help out depending on when it is. Also make sure that 3 days before you do this place the Ball joints in your freezer so that they will shrink a little and make it easier to press them in.

Thanks! Good info on ball joints in the freezer, never would have thought of that. Any harm on them being in there more than 3 days (just in case)?

Also looking for a garage to do the install if possible. Working in my stone driveway is a PITA, only made worse by cold windy weather.

Jeff has a real ball joint press (OTC) with the Jeep-specific adapters. I’m sure he would not mind lending it out.

Paul, how about a tech day this coming weekend?

No it would be the same as if they were in below 32 degree weather out side. which is not that uncommon in New England or atleast other parts of the world.

Paul was just talking about a tech day. i think it would be a good chance for everyone to see what it takes to do ball joints. its not too bad. i’ve never done it on a JK though. i would suggest going to a parts store and buying the Haynes book for your truck if you dont already have one. i keep mine in my truck all the time, good source of specs from bolts to amount and type of fluids.

I can use my shop when ever after 5on week days I have all the tools besides a press but can get my hands on one.

I have no prob lending mine out for the right price :smiling_imp:
Going rate is a 6 pack of Guinness :sunglasses:

Just let me know when and i can swing by wherever for a bit

I never realized you were that sophisticated. :mrgreen:

Thanks Jeff, I’m gonna swing by and lend a hand to Gene tonight, so we’ll probably figure out a date for the ball joints and post it up here. Fair warning, your 6pack of Guinness may turn into a holiday 5-pack with a mystery beer added in place. Funny how that 6th one always seems to disappear? :laughing:

I can do a tech day on Sunday if you guys want, say around 10:00 or so. Won’t be much help though because I’ll only be able to use one hand.

Sunday it is.

K, I’ll post in the event section.

Where’s the freakin delete button for this post? I hit quote instead of edit! :angry:

sophisticated? Its the only beer i really like :laughing:
Never developed a taste for the Pee looking beers and most other dark beers give me a headache

If u want a good look at one w the ball joints out, I have a couple JK axles here at the house. plan on all day to do this if ur not experianced w the job. You have to strip the whole thing down to the bare knuckles to do the ball joints. Be very careful when pulling the front shafts. The JK’s are very prone to wrecking the inner axle seals. If u even think that it’s been in the mud, you want to move the plastic guards and blast the tubes out w pressurized air, then water, then air again. If not ull leak and have to repeat half the job, then pull the diff to change the seals.

OK. Where’s the news here?

Tech day on Sunday sounds good. Thanks!

Tex, sounds like your the JK expert around here! Any chance you’ll be around Sunday? I also wouldn’t mind stopping by sometime to take a look at the axles and talk JK a bit.

There is an article in the latest Four Wheel and Off-Road that covers JK ball joint replacement. They were featuring the new DynaTrac ball joints.

I tried to find that article online but didn’t have any luck.

I did find this previously though: jkowners.com/forum/showthread.php?t=49832

Good thread with step by step instructions, and a 2 part video tutorial linked from youtube.