JK 2 Door Soft Top

So, my grandfather traded in his JK. It was a 2009 2 door that originally came with dual tops. He got it with the hard top on it, and the soft top in the back, where it lived for the last few years. I don’t believe that he ever actually used it, but my father thinks he used it for a short while one summer. When he traded it in on a newer Jeep Liberty, they told him to keep the top, they wouldn’t give him any extra money for it. They just bought a house down in Florida, and I grabbed the top before they junked it.

It is a factory top, black, with tinted windows. It has the bows, and door surrounds. As far as I can tell, it is a complete setup. I have a TJ though, and don’t know as much about the JKs.

I’m open for offers if anyone is interested. I’m not completely sure what it is worth though, maybe someone does?

$500 and does this include the frame?

Bumping this since the nice weather is back. If anyone is interested, let me know!

any pictures?

I don’t have any right now. It is down at my parents house, so I will get some next time I am there.

cms, I sent you a PM. I have the pictures on my phone if you want me to text them to you. If not, I’ll upload them here.

Bump. I haven’t heard anything back from cms.

Bumping again.

I was incorrect about the windows as well, they are actually clear, not tinted.

Usane pro,

Sorry, I forwarded your info to a friend (they have a 2-door).
I will check to see if she is still interested.


Bump! Great weather to put the top down!

Supplies are limited!

Its the truth, I only have one lol

Ruin your top over the summer? This is the perfect replacement!

Pick it up before I get to deal with Craigslist! :laughing:

Its on Craigslist :angry:

No reasonable offer refused!