jeep tech day Saturday june ,15 2013

Since no-one cared to show up last weekend :unamused: , im going to be working on the jeep this weekend.

To do
inner axle seals on my dana 60 front.
Electric fan
Coolant bootle relocation
External transmission cooler for hydro assist
Sway bar
Shock re valve

im taking the time to due some maintenance on the jeep since it will be down again for a few weeks

Updated text me for address 4019966691

Chris and Jay are tech’ing at Chris house on Saturday.

I myself will be tech’ing at my house on Saturday. Gotta get those sliders done in time for the camp-n-wheel.

Ricky I need to get my heep fixed water pump went. its been sitting in the driveway for two weeks due to stitches on my hand. If I get it done early I ll try to come by. Good luck.

i will be in CT for my dads bday, sorry

Me amd mike are move my aunt to her new house in the white mountain in nh

would love to help, but Saturday is literally my only free day until swanzey and need to replace engine bracket for passengers side motor mount…actually will be doing both sides. time permitting ill be upgrading steering linkage as well

I’ll come Sunday. Doing some tech on my Jeep tomorrow lol., I’ll text you sat night for your address.