jeep rally in aug.

whats going on with the jeep rally in aug any info?


we’ll have a convoy going up there and will probably have the OSJ booth there as well

Which one are you talking about? Great American Jeep Rally is in September. We were also planning to have an August event with Clare Jeep. John (JWO) will need to update us on the status.

Hey yes!

Sorry… A lot on my plate right now, but trying my best! Just bought a house, move on the 31st, jeeps stuff, wife is prego now… just AHHHH… LOL…

I emailed Kevin, I am going to go there here soon and just put info out to him. I will have him print us out 100 flyers I made up and then we can hand out a lot to the club and to other clubs…

Eric can you post the flyer up on other forums you are on?

And if anyone wants to print some out and hand them out to jeepers let me know, I will send the page to you!

email it to me…