Jeep 4.10 Carrier

i need a 4.10 carrier (Part number 706725X ) … apparently they forgot to tell me that the carrier break is at the 3.73 / 4.10 mark… so if you know what one is please call me @ (612) 2-YELOJK again (612)293-5655

thank you

Jeeps Unlimited in Prov?

they ar not open till monday… and my carrier is tore apart now… :imp:

i really wish that they would of told me i needed the 4.10 carrier :unamused:
on top of that they might of sent me the wrong gears for the dana 30 as well :imp:

do you need a dana 30 or danna 44?

my bad i need a dana 44… the sooner the better… my jeep is still on the lift :laughing:

lift? your spoiled. :laughing: I don’t have a carrier, sorry.

yeah i got lucky. my gf step dad is a mech. and his shop had a free lift for the week end…

Nice. what shop?

Eastcoast engine in smithfield, ri

ok i found one. i had to order it