Iron rock off road steering

I was wondering if anyone has used, purchased or knows any thing about this setup. I’m thinking about getting it, but didn’t know if anyone has any feedback on it. … nstall.pdf

Jay (freejeep) just did one from JCR offroad. Pretty easy install. Wicked beefy

Lol im running thr iro steering i told u to look at it lmao one of the best upgrades i did…sorry matt jcr can kiss my ass

how much is it?

I know ballistic had a dyi kit that is pretty much the same as that for less than $250

They cant run a dyi kit because of they sway bar link tabs on the axle they will interfere unless you cut them off

It is $350 but what nice is that you don’t need a reamer to do this setup.

I got the drill you need

lol i do to…i deff would get the 5/8 bolt upgrade it mite be standerd now .i also poped for there track bar …you can come check it out if u want

I think its over priced and a poor design :unamused:

Solid forged alloy drag link, solid alloy tie rod, no reaming. Just bolt it in and be done with it:

currie.jpg … spx?id=913

i like it and think it is worth every penny i spent

You’ll have to stop by so I can check it out.

Its on the lift at erdmans auto