Introduction from Midnight Kota

Hey guys! Just wanted to take a moment and thank the admins for allowing me to be apart of the organization’s forums and giving me the opportunity to talk to all you in topics of similar interests with the Jeep’s. Though I’m new and hoping to find a place in the organization among all of you, I look forward to talking with everyone and learning a thing or two along the way. Especially from those who are mechanically inclined. The idea of building and repairing off-road rigs is something I would like to delve deeper into. Being a relatively new Jeep owner (2018 Wrangler unlimited sport JK), I look forward to gaining ideas to upgrade her. I am however not new to the community atmosphere, being a yearly attendee with friends to Go Topless day , and find this car culture astounding. Hoping to soon enough involve myself in one way or another. Have a great one, thanks for reading!!


Obviously… you should get your app in and join!

If you can manage that quickly, you can then sign up for our Wheeling 101 full day trail ride with instruction and reference materials. Date is May 16th.

Welcome to the forum and hopefully you can attend Wheeling 101.

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Thank you! Yeah guys I hear you! I did put an app in so hopefully somebody sees it lol. I’d love to attend if I can!

Any pics of your Jeep?

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Yeah, it’s pretty stock at the moment besides the grille it came with. I’m looking to modify piece by piece moving forward. I called her the yeti, trying to run a white black and blue color scheme. But the more I read into these forums and do my research, the more ideas I hope to come up with. But this is a pic from the dealership the night before I got it.

Application received. You can expect a formal membership offer within a couple weeks. In the meantime check the Event forum regularly and start showing up. JJ already mentioned the Wheeling 101 on May 16 and there are many more events on the radar.

Welcome aboard, when you’re ready to upgrade give me a call @ Ocean State Off Road. We are right in Warwick and we specialize in all things Jeep! We can get you lifted, lighted, locked and more!


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