introduction and in need of inspection for lifted xj

HI , My name is Pierre , I have a 1998 xj with 6.5" rubicon express lift, 4:11 lockers, 8.8 rear,etc.
I am going to submit an application for your club and hope to attend an upcoming event.
In the meantime i am in need of a state inspection sticker or RI . I live in NOrth Smithfield and work in East Greeniwch .
any suggestions of a place to get a fair shot would be great.

jeep photo.JPG

pm sent

nice rig Pierre. looks pretty legit you shouldn’t have many issues getting it inspected. i just had mine done at Firestone next to the Warwick Mall. but i have a Wrangler and i guess we get away with thing a little more than Cherokees

Welcome Pierre! Rig looks great. Did you get denied a sticker? I don’t think you should have any problem.

Just stay out of Burrillville if your tires stick outside those flares at all.

thanks for the advice.


sweet rig


Welcome to the forum Pierre, like everyone said you should not have a problem getting a sticker for that

welcome to the forum



got inspected at Masons Automotive in Scituate. they were great.



awesome, did you mention me?

Cool. You coming out on the 18th or 24th? (See Events forum).

I did mention the club to masons
Also, I am coming on the 18th
Looking forward to it