introducing us.. Keith and Pam Brown

Hello Jeep People… :slight_smile: We are Pam and Keith Brown married of course and live in Wethersfield Ct., We are trying to join " Ocean State Jeepsters" , we found them threw the topless day and of course we met some awesome people and had a blast! We own a 95 yj wrangler… and still in progress of building it … we have 4 1/2 in lift with 31s… lights and light bar … tons more things and endless things we would love to do to it… Just Empty Every Pocket… but is so worth it… We also just picked up a XJ which is stock right now… and that will be in a work of progress… we enjoy wheeling, Mudding,etc usually go in NW CT , Nepaug where we are able to go legally… but would love to join a club, RI Is not that far from us and one of our all time favorite places to go! Don’t really know what else to ad, but We also have a 9 daughter Natalia who also loves to go wheeling, getn , dirty, trying to get stuck, or pulling people out!!!

HA! great pics. welcome to the forum. we have a lot of great events coming up still with a camp and wheel in NH in 2 weeks and we are gearing up for the 1st Ocean State Jeep Festival. if you haven’t fill out an application yet, get one in and we can open up some extra forum sections.

how do you put a pic with ur name???

welcome guys. I think under the user control panel there is a profile then edit avatar option

Welcome !

Welcome to the forum.



Welcome to the forum. I have 5 year old daughter that loves helping me work on my Jeep. OSJ is a family oriented club. Welcome and if you have any questions please feel free to ask



Welcome to the forum! I fixed it for you… :slight_smile:

Welcome Pam, Keith and Natalia!!


ha, another YJ…love it!


welcome to the board

Welcome Brownsters. Nice rigs.