I'm Baaack

Some of you already know me but to many I’m new. I was in the club a few years ago and sold my TJ and I have just purchased another TJ and can’t wait to get involved again. Opefully I can introduce or reintroduce myself to many in the club next Saturday. Oh yeah my name is Craig Duffy but most of my friends just call me Duff or Duffy

Welcome back!!

P.S. It was only one year ago when you sold your Jeep!! :mrgreen:

Good to see you back, Duff. Welcome home! :wink:

It was only a year but it felt like 10 years… :smiley:

Welcome back. Hopefully you got yourself an 6cyl tj this time :laughing:

Nice to see you back Duff, welcome back

Yes I ditched the 4 angry squirrels and went with a 6cyl this time. The new rig is lifted about 4 inches (owner had no idea) it has a locker in the rear (owner has no idea what kind) riding on 33’s. I ordered rocker guards and a front bumper since there is actually a rear bumper with receiver hitch currently mounted to the front.

Oh and it’s standard instead of my previous automatic

I love the smell of burning clutch in the morning . . .

welcome back Duff. glad you found your way back.

Thanks everyone I can’t wait to get back on the trails and catch up with everyone again.


Howdy! But are you prepping it with the rock lights as the last one?

welcome back Duff.

WELCOME BACK DUFF if ya need anything i am just uo the road. AJ

I will probably run the rock lights again but other projects like bumper, rocker rails and some skids will come first.

Thanks AJ. I’m still getting to know the Jeep so not sure yet if it needs any fixing or tinkering yet

You still haven’t learned anything about Jeeps . . .

I learned enough that I all of my skids should be here next week

and dont follow Eric