I flexed, but now what?

Hey Jeepsters,
I’m still new to the jeep world but some of you might remember me as the only one without a roof a few weeks ago at the gremlin graveyard ride (when it rained the whole day). Anyways, I took the jeep out over the weekend and finally got a full flex going as seen in the pic below. When I did the 3.25" lift, I put bump stop extensions on the rear but no extension on the front. With foresight I angle-ground and sanded any sharp protruding things inside the front fender. When I was at full flex I had definite tire to fender contact and still about 1.5" before the bump stop would be in contact. Everything else looked good under the jeep, track bar had clearance, springs weren’t near full compression, etc. My question to you more experienced jeepers is this. Should I just add bump stop extensions to the front, limiting flex, or should I upgrade to tube fenders which will increase my flexability and forego extending the bump stops? I’m looking for pros and cons, suggestions, and recommendations on tube fenders. I have 33s with no BL for reference.

Tube fenders.

If you go tube fenders and don’t increase your bump stop, just make sure that your shocks will not be fully compressed before you hit the bump stop, or you may be replacing your shocks after every trail run.

It really depends how quickly you plan to make the modifications. If tubes are in your near future then go directly for them, just watch your flex in the mean time. If they are a someday item then get the stops as replacing tires can get expensive and fast… As Chris stated you will need to make sure your shocks don’t bottom out. Bottoming out your shocks tends to break them and/or the mounts…

High line fenders are your best option. You can even make your own.

I would put the bump stops in for now until you resolve the issue. You are not going to lose that much up travel.

Cut/mod/build or buy flares…

I cut mine (free!) but will be going to some sort of tube metal flare…

Thanks for the responses. I will def have to check my shock to make sure it doesn’t bottom out. I guess I’ll start looking at buying tube or high line fenders but if any rides come up I’ll throw in some 2" bump stop spacers. My dirtworx rear bumper came in the mail today. So stoked, it looks awesome. I guess I’ll be busy with the jeep this weekend. If anyone has any other suggestions of things to look for/ lookout for on tube fenders please let me know.

bump stops will not limit your overall travel, just limits up travel, which really doesn’t matter as much anyway as you should experience the somewhat similar amount of suspension travel. as I have a yj and no very little of coil overs, but also think limit straps may come into play here with a lifted tj on coils

oh yeah, I recently installed poison spyder front tube fenders…love em’

buy yourself some hockey pucks and RTV them down to the spring perch, 2 on each side. 4 bucks and your set till you want to do the fenders. that what i did back when i wheeled :blush: :cry:

Btw you can run 37"s with 3" lift and high lined tube fenders. This makes for a nice lcg rig.