Hurricane Relief Donations - Help Needed for this weekend

Hello All!

On Saturday, my wife Beth, and her family, will be traveling to Breezy Point, NY to assist with hurricane clean-up in that area. This was one of the hardest hit areas in NY, if not the northeast. Not only was their major flooding and storm damage, but over 100 houses were lost due to fire, leaving many families in this area with nothing!

My wife has many members of her extended family that live in this neighborhood. While none of them lost their houses (all were damaged by the storm and uninhabitable at this time), the community is very tight knit, making it the kind of place that everyone helps one another. Beth and her siblings spent quite a bit of time in this community as a child, hence their desire to get down there and help!

This brings me to my request, albeit, short notice…I would like to get her car loaded up with as much in the way of donations as it can carry! If anyone has any donations in the way of food, blankets, clothing, toiletries, etc… (no cash, for that, I would ask you donate to the Red Cross), please let me know. You can drop them off at my house or I can make arrangements to pick them up on Thursday. I need to have donations by Friday, as they will be leaving Saturday at 5am.

Again, sorry for the short notice.


Mike Nelson

What other items might be needed? I’ve got an attic full of crap.

Unfortunately, all my extra blankets went to the Salvation Army a few weeks ago. I probably have quite a bit in the way of clothing.

Clothing would work. I was told that the RED CROSS is on site and has cleaning supplies. Probably wouldn’t hurt to have more.

The support from all angles has been way more that Beth can fit in the cars going down, therefore, my I ask that you still donate, but direct your donations to Cardis on Friday from 7-2pm

With all that has happened, they need our support.