HPD30 gear install

Anyone know someone that’s good with gears??? I need to get the 4.88’s in the HPD30 for my ZJ soon. I was thinking about dropping it off at BayState Off Road, but I wanted to ask here first.


once i have the money im goin to bay state offroad

Did they give you a price to install???

I believe they get about $500 per axle. I had somebody on another forum tell me that was the quote plus at the Fall Crawl one of the prizes was a gear install for two axles from Bay State and the stated value was $1,000.

Rhode Island Driveshaft gets about the same, maybe a little less if you talk to them a bit and offer cash.

thats correct… 500 per axle

and from the quote i remember that is for everything, gears setup bearings. carrier and locker are extra. and there were different prices whether your axles are installed already or just dropping the housings themselves.

I did not think the quote included bearings and gears; those would run close to $600 by themselves which leaves $400 for labor. If it does include gears and bearings then its a sweet deal!

ya, i was looking at it as 250 for the gears and and another 250 for the labor. but your probably right Eric. shoot them a quick email and see what they can do. i don’t know if we get any sort of club discount but you could try. let them know there are at least another 2 people looking into the same thing.


you can make that 3 people atleast.

no its 500 labor. no parts included. they quoted me 3100- 1000 for labor actually more cuz the locker install(ARB) and the rest for gears locker air compressor for the lockers and whatever else.

$500 labor!!! Damn that’s crazy. I will be going by there tomorrow to get a price on just an install. I have everything else, just need the install done.

I’ll post here after I get a price quote from them tomorrow.

Its a real PITA job. You need to get pinion preload, pinion depth and backlash all within spec. The problem is that they depend on each another so you insert shims, press the bearings on, install, measure. Then if the measurements are not within spec pull everything out, press the bearings off, adjust the shims, and do it again. And again. And again. Its a horrible job. I’ve done it a few times myself many years ago and it was basically an all day job to get it right. But I imagine somebody that does them all the time should be able to pound them out faster.

Went by there today and he gave me a $400 price for the install and he’ll warranty it for 6,000 miles, even though he’s only providing the labor and i provide the parts.

Still gotta check RI Drive shaft, CockCroft Drive shaft, and one other place off of RT146 near worcester.

Elias 4 wheel drive shop


work that discount Vic. i’m looking at the AEV/Nth degree skids.

Called them today and they gave me $550 to $600 to do the install and that’s if I pull the axle and give it to him completely stripped.

Called a few places today for prices. Andy’s East Coast Speed gave me a price of $250 to do the install if I give them the axle stripped.

Don’t do it. I like Andy but hes not a gear guy. He did my rear axle a couple years ago. It never sounded right coasting and after less than 10k miles the axle was making horrible noises.

The guy at RI Driveshaft did mine for about $400 per axle plus I gave him a little bonus. I can’t remember his name but get him alone and see what he will do for a cash deal.

I called RI driveshaft and was told they don’t do installs. They are the ones that gave me andy’s number and told me about him.

I think i’m just gonna drop it off at Bay State Off Road for $400. Plus he said he’d warranty it for 6,000 miles.might go by there tuesday and drop it off.