How to get flex from a Jku with a 2" Budget kit

So I found out today that my 2011 jku came with a 2" rancho budget kit. My problem is I’m wondering if any of my fellow osj’ can come up with a way for me to get some flex for now till I can save up for my real kit. I didn’t know if I could put a quick disconnect with a budget kit. I really want to be able to keep up with the guys in the club on the trails for now. I do have 33’s. Oh and I had to put spacers in it cause of the tire width. Any Ideas guys Thx

Flex relies on a few factors, and assumes your sway bar is disconnected. Upward travel primarily relies on spring compression. It is limited by bump stops, then by shocks. You want the bump stops to take the hit first so you don’t damage your shocks. Downward travel is limited by your shocks’ length.

So what’s this mean? It means that a spacer-based budget boost can have no more than the factory flex. Your downward flex could be improved by replacing shock extensions with longer shocks.

Note: I am not an expert and could be completely wrong.

So I just did some quick googling. Assuming you have the Rancho 2" Sport Kit[1], which is most likely, you actually have replacement front springs, spacers in the rear, and upgraded shocks. This means you actually have some upgraded flex up front, so long as you disconnect the front sway bar. That’s plenty for easy - moderate trails.

[1] - Links:

Disconnect the swaybar that should do it. Trim the fenders and your pretty well on your way

Kurt ran 35" tires with stock fenders on a 2" budget lift and never had a problem.

Trim?!? It makes such a cool noise when M/Ts rub the plastic JK fenders. Like cards in your bicycle spokes.

In our neck of the woods down travel is more useful than up travel. Desert racing and jumping it where lots of up travel is more useful.

Look upward travel and bump stop spacing to hinder rubbing. The largest thing to look at is down travel. I have a design for my keeps where they squat low and they will down travel beyond stock.

Can any one help me order the rite parts and install for better flex I do have the rancho 2" budget lift Thx guys

Since your lift has longer front coils and longer shocks, all you need to do is disconnect your sway bar. To do that you just need a wrench and bungee cords or cable ties.

Cool thx