I’m mike been wheeling for awhile moved and haven’t wheeled in two years. got 98 xj stock motor and trans. Dana 44 lock rite 5.38 gears chromoly shafts with crappy alloy usa joints Dana 60 spool 538 gears chromo shafts Dana 300

Welcome. Sound like a sweet rig. Get a pic posted so we can bask in its glory

Ha I’m trying to right now it’s saying its to big. Long as I fix my oil leak I will be going to may bell with you guys

You have to link it off photo bucket. Where is the leak?

I did rear main and oil pan gasket twisted in the back and I didn’t notice it. Simple fix just waiting for gasket should be here this week

i843.photobucket.com/albums/zz35 … 652587.jpg


Nice rig, welcome



Welcome to the forum.

Welcome aboard!



Welcome o|||||o