I just wanted to drop a note and say Hi and thanks to the members of OSJ. I met a few of you at the GAJR in CT last weekend. I was going to follow your club back to 146 when my heap broke down not only did your crew turn around to check on the heap and offer assistance you helped get me off the road and made sure I was all set with a tow. Thanks again for all the help, my membership app is in the pipeline :slight_smile:

Stats: 98tj 4.0-32re, D30, D44, Aussie, Aussie, RockCrawler longarm, 35" Treadwrights, 2.5 Suspension lift with a 1.25 Body Lift

When in doubt throttle out!

welcome axman

never leave a fallen jeeper behind

welcome aboard. Glad to hear you got the jeep home. What happened to her, another victim of the mud?


Welcome. See you at the pig roast.

welcome to the forum.


Welcome to the forum, Rich. Nice to have you along for the ride. See you at the pig roast.



It was owner error, I assumed the d44 yoke hed enough of the ear left that retaind the ujoint cap to give me a few weeks before I fixed it. The operative part of that phrase was I assume :slight_smile:, lol.

It worked out well for me and it was a net $0 out of pocket not including the tow truck drivers tip. :smiley:

Yeah, it was a horrendous noise!

And pushing your jeep was our exercise for the day!

Yea that was an awful noise wasn’t it, thanks again for the help. :mrgreen: