Its me! :laughing:

Attention whore.

Hi Me :confused:

welcome me!


thanks for being our first poster in this forum

are you still an officer over at NEJZ?

This is what you get for creating a forum but not adding a first post stating the rules for the forum.

Bob is the President of NEJZ.

Yes, I am the president of New England Jeepz, and have been in the club since 2004. I wheel an 82 cj-7 w/36’s and lockers. drove it to and from the trails the first 5 years, but now trailer. when driving it home one year from MaBell, it took me 7 hours and alot of stops. Hahaha

This thread was probably meant for new OSJ prospects huh? as members of the NEA, we are one big happy family. :smiley:

indeed we are.

thanks for breaking the ice