Hi Hello Hey There

Hi, I’m Alex. I drive a 2015 JKU. Living in Newport for the next year or so with the Navy and looking for some people to wheel with in the area. Have a new born coming in January an know I won’t be able to get much action in after that.

Welcome. I am in Middletown, not too far.

Be sure to look for the public events. They are one day events with wheeling and usually a fundraiser of sorts like Soldiers and Saddles or the toy run. Both are in the fall/early winter.

Hi, I actually live in Middletown too by the Pub at 2 Mile Corner. How often are the public events updated? I saw a lot of stuff from 2021.

Public events are usually found through the Facebook page. Sometimes they are OSJ events and sometimes they are other club or open events. If you become a member, you will find the total OSJ event schedule at the start of the year.

I think the next public event is in August, but it is not an OSJ-run event. Last one was Arnold Mills Parade.

Tune in here and on the facebook page for the best chance to catch some summer/Fall events