Hi, from R.I.

Hi everyone just wanted to post up and give a hello.
My name is Ernie
I’m a Club officer in another NEA member Club… NEXTerra
I had spoken with one of your members on your April 16th Trail Cleanup in R.I
and offered up some manpower to help the cause if you would like it.

IF you would like help…
Please let me know with the details and I will put some people on it.

Ernie :mrgreen:
Club officer , Events Coordinator
and NEA Delagate for NEXTerra

Hi Ernie, welcome to the forum. It was me that you spoke with at the meeting. We will definitely be in touch as the details solidify.

welcome ernie! i was at the meeting as well. we would greatly appreciate the help

welcome! I was the third guy that was there.

Hey Guys, Thanks for the Welcome
Pm me about it when you get the details and
I’ll also keep a eye out for your posts for the cleanup
then I’ll pass it on to our Members.

Talk soon…
Ernie :mrgreen:

Welcome Ernie, thanks for your support

welcome Ernie

well speaking of the Big River Clean Up. we’ll need to get in contact with the guy who organizes it. need to get a solid date and it would be nice to see if we could possible contribute and get our name on the backs of the shirts they give everyone.


I was talking to the Peter from Nemba. The date is definatly the 16th of April. We’re posting this on SSW as well. I participated in this event last year with you guys, and want to do it again. This year hopefully with a few more SSW guys that last year.

is that who puts that together? i’ll have to grab his contact info. I would like to confirm everything with him.

Ok I’ll mark the date.
Pm me or postup the details when known.
where to meet, Time, Ect.

Yep I just got our NEMBA news letter and it is def on April 16th. Derick I just PM’d you Pete’s email.

thanks Dennis

April 16th : meeting at the Exit 6A park & ride at 8:30 AM

Should last till lunch time. Then they feed us lunch.

Ok, great thanks :mrgreen: